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Unique Choice of Wooden Chairs for Room Decoration

One of the items needed to create a classic and vintage design is a wooden chair. Of course you are looking for a wooden chair whose design is older or older, be it a new chair or an old chair. Then with a new paint or varnish it will be even more stunning.

The first advantage of wooden chairs is that they are stronger and more durable. Of course, it depends on the wood used to make the chair. In this case, the most preferred wood is teak.

Teak wood is a type of wood that is strong and sturdy, so it is very good for furniture. Because of its strength, teak products are usually more expensive than products made from other wood materials.

However, compared to other sofa materials, wooden chairs will certainly be much stronger and sturdy.

Durable and Strong

Another advantage is that it is durable and long lasting. So, once you buy a chair, then you can only buy it again after a few years have passed, maybe even decades. In contrast to other material chairs that only in a few years have to be replaced.

Teak wood material is also back to being the best for wooden chairs in terms of durability and durability. Dense wood fibers make teak chairs not easily weathered and damaged even when exposed to water.

But keep in mind, teak will grow back in decades after it is cut and produced. So, if you already have a teak chair at home, don't replace it too often because it will endanger the teak tree habitat.

Anti Insects and Termites

The main problem with wooden chairs is termite attacks which will certainly damage the chair. But it's a different story if the chairs in your house are made of teak wood.

The fibers and veins in teak wood are very hard, dense, and also have a resin that can repel insects such as termites. So, if the chair in your house is a wooden chair, it's only natural that the chair can last for decades.

Want a minimalist and simple living room chair look but still look modern? Well, this Modern Minimalist Guest Chair KTS 005 can be your choice.

This chair set consists of 1 bench, 2 chairs, 1 center table, and 1 small table, as well as a thick sofa in the corner. The materials used are the best materials, namely teak grades A, B, and C. You can also order mahogany at a more affordable price.

The next chair is Twist Stool 01. This wood is a type of bench made of high quality flare wood that has a unique carving. Each bench even has a different motif, thus giving its own uniqueness to the interior design of your home.

One product that is recommended for you is the Waikiki Meatball Chair 75 cm. This product is made of high quality solid white oak. So that this chair becomes more sturdy and strong. In addition, this wood is also heated in an oven which makes the wooden structure more sturdy and not easily damaged by termites.

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