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The Main Problem Causes The Car Battery Runs Out Fast

In a vehicle, of course the battery becomes a very important component that has a role as a source of electric power in the vehicle. This includes cars.

Various steps are usually taken by car owners so that the car is durable and not easily damaged.

It is natural that replacing the car battery itself is quite expensive which requires the owner to spend money to replace the battery if the battery cannot be repaired or is badly damaged.

The cause of the car battery runs out quickly


Among these treatment steps is to identify the various factors that cause rapid damage.

So, by recognizing the triggering factors, of course you can avoid some things that are very likely to happen to a damaged car battery.

In this discussion, Mas Sena will share information related to the factors that cause car batteries to often short circuit as one of the steps in caring for or caring for your four-wheeled vehicle.

Various problems in the car battery alone make every owner of a four-wheeled vehicle, of course, try to make it durable.

However, sometimes some of their activities are often not known as the cause of car battery damage. Here are some of the causes of car battery damage.

Preventing Car Battery Damage

Car Engine Is Rarely Heated

Warming the car engine regularly is one of the main keys that you need to do regularly to make it durable and long lasting.

Not without reason because the battery does not get enough electricity supply so that it makes the battery capacity less than optimal.

Therefore, of course, you are advised to bring your car at least once a week.

Steps like this are of course to keep the electricity intake always optimal which automatically makes the service life longer.

High Intensity of Car Use

It doesn't stop there, a car that is often used to do various things can also cause the battery to run out quickly.

Especially if the distance is strategic enough to cover long distances. So, conditions like this can increase the potential for damage to the battery.

Systemically, a car that is used continuously will certainly require a large amount of electrical power.

From this, of course, the battery will automatically work too extra which will further reduce its age or lifespan.

Related to this, you need to understand that all car components do have a lifespan, and will quickly break down if used continuously.


If indeed the high intensity of car use cannot be avoided, you can outsmart it by resting the car.

At least one full day to restore the electrical performance of the car battery so that the battery in providing electric current does not work too extra.

Late Battery Change

On the other hand, the cause of a damaged and wasteful car battery can also be caused by a battery problem that is starting to run out of battery fluid. This is specifically for cars that use wet type batteries.

Although it has advantages in maintenance and durability compared to dry batteries, if you are late in filling the battery fluid you will judge the potential for the battery to be short and damaged.

If the condition of a wet battery that runs out of liquid is left alone, the battery can get soaked, so it is highly recommended to always check the air before the weather.

For that, always check the condition of the battery before leaving. Especially for those of you who are owners of old cars who are certainly very vulnerable to sudden immersion or overdrawing.

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