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The characteristics of a problematic automatic car

It is undeniable, the market for automatic cars is currently quite high. It can even be said to start competing competitively.

The reason is, practicality and efficiency are the main aspects as well as its own advantages in automatic cars which is certainly the reason why many people choose automatic cars.

However, even though it is considered more efficient, it is undeniable that automatic cars still have various obstacles and problems.

But sometimes not everyone is aware of a problem with an automatic transmission car, considering that it is difficult to detect.

Signs of a Troubled Car

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce various characteristics of problematic automatic cars which of course will be very useful as an anticipation if one day there is a problem.

The reason is, some signs of automatic car damage cannot be detected immediately. Of course, you don't want the damage to get to the point, do you?

Therefore, in the following, Mas Sena will present information about the characteristics of problematic automatic cars as anticipatory knowledge so that damage to the car can be suppressed.

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Signs of Problems in Auto Cars

In this case, there are indeed several important aspects that you certainly need to pay attention to in order to avoid various problems with automatic cars. This includes the following:

Broken Matic Car

There is a jolt when Shifting Gears

Currently the technology in the latest automatic cars is usually supported or equipped with a smooth gearshift system and if this shift still feels a little, then it can still be considered reasonable.

But it's just that when the initial gearshift process feels like there is a shock so that the car feels like being pushed suddenly, of course you have to be careful.

Because, it is very possible if this cause is a feature of the problems that occur in the automatic car transmission system.

Damage to the mechanism system is generally one of the causes of obstacles that arise like this. To be sure, it is usually done with the OBD socket on the machine scanner system.

There is a possibility that a solenoid pressure leak can trigger the transmission oil to be unable to maintain a stable gear shift, especially when the car accelerates at high rpm conditions.

Car vibration is felt when the gas is high

In addition, on another aspect, it is undeniable that the vibrations you feel when driving an automatic car can be a symptom of a problem.

Usually this kind of vibration occurs in the existing transmission or engine. Where, it could also be due to worn or burnt clutch linings, causing rough friction which results in large vibrations.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to carry out an in-depth inspection of the parts or sectors of the clutch lining system.

Given, this part is a component that has the potential to be an obstacle to the presence of vibration in automatic cars.

Hard to Shift Gears Back

You should also know that if the machine breaks down, more problems will arise.

Among them such as reverse gear which is difficult to use. This makes driving a car difficult, especially when parking or trying to get the car out of the garage.

This can occur due to severe damage, especially to the mechanical system of the automatic transmission and has the potential to damage the reverse gear lever of an automatic car.

Matic Car Care

Car Feels Weak When Uphill

Have you ever felt your car feels flat on an incline? If this happens then it could be a sign that there is a problem with the automatic car.

Generally this kind of problem occurs because the gear lever has been moved to position or position 1 or L.


If your car is in this condition, take it to a repair shop immediately for inspection. Do not be too long and it is recommended not to be carried or driven on uphill road terrain.

Because, it could be that more severe damage could actually occur. Remember, there may be engine parts or engine transmission sectors that are starting to experience problems.

Well, for a simple check, you can actually do it yourself by shifting gears slowly while driving a car.

If the gearshift is still normal then the problem with the car that is not strong enough to climb could be due to other aspects.

However, if the gearshift feels very hard, it is most likely a sign of damage to the transmission sector and the circuits connected to the transmission.

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