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Inspiration for a Comfortable Backyard Minimalist Garden Design

Limited land conditions can certainly be transformed into a comfortable and fun place with creativity.

Having a comfortable and beautiful garden will provide cool air and a natural feel to the house. In addition to bringing coolness at home, the green color of the leaves is also able to cool the scenery.

A beautiful garden design is also able to provide added value to the dwelling. Although its size is limited, with creativity you can have a beautiful minimalist garden.

1. Minimalist Garden with Synthetic Grass

The rest of the area behind the house can be used as a beautiful minimalist garden. Simply by bringing some plants and artificial grass, you can have a minimalist garden.

2. Minimalist and Open Garden Concept

There is also a garden with an open concept can also be an option. You can combine it with the kitchen area, dining room or laundry area.

3. Indoor Concept Back Garden

There is another rear garden concept with an indoor concept. As in the previous design, this garden can be designed to blend with other rooms in the house, such as the kitchen.

4. Maximize Ornamental Plants & Garden Benches

In terms of design, we can also maximize the use of park benches for comfort. The garden can also be a fun place to hang out at home.

5. Shades of White on Stones and Chairs

You can also apply shades of white to the garden. This beautiful appearance is suitable for a Scandinavian home garden, so it has a unified design.

6. Simple Design with Wood Elements

You can also present a simple garden with the use of wooden elements. Without the need for excessive decoration, the garden area feels warm and comfortable.

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