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How to Make Article Post Titles Appear on the First Page of Google Search

Blogs that are not indexed by Google will be difficult to get visitors, so we need a way so that articles can appear in Google searches. There are several ways that I will share.

As evidence, though not all. I am grateful that all my articles appear on google, some even occupy the first position.

I will explain how to get articles to appear in google searches starting from the most basic. Please follow it regularly to make it easier for you to apply it on the blog.

How to Make Blog Articles Appear in Google Search

1. Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools are Google's free tools that work to unify sites in Google searches.

By registering a blog with Google Webmaster Tools, you are asking Google bots to set up your blog, so it doesn't take long for your articles to appear in Google searches.

How to register and leverage blog to google webmaster tools

The next step after the blog is registered with webmaster tools, please submit articles to Google, this step you must do every time you publish a new article.

All bloggers want their articles to be fast, organic readers through the google search engine. This is the fastest way to get Google to index the latest articles immediately. So that the blog will have a lot of organic visitors and make it easier for visitors to find visitors in search engines.

If you don't submit articles to Google manually, you will have to wait for them to be indexed by Google. So it can take days until your article is actually indexed, as Google has to take turns indexing the latest articles from all the blogs that published the latest articles.

2. Optimizing Onpage SEO

The initial stage before creating an article is to do keyword research, this method is done to see what keywords are most searched by visitors on Google. So the opportunity to get a lot of visitors is getting bigger.

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