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How to get articles on google search

This activity is known as SEO. Understanding SEO itself is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization which means a series of efforts made by a blogger or webmaster that aims to improve the quality of a web page or blog so that it has good visibility or appearance and is highly competitive.

Tricks How to Make Blog Articles Appear in the Top of Google

Actually articles or content from a website will be indexed or appear in search engines automatically from time to time. Of course, you must first submit a sitemap to all the search engines you want to target.

By submitting a sitemap, Post Titles will appear in search results quickly because Search Engines will automatically crawl all post content that we have just published.

Well, for more details in this article the author will explain all the secrets of telling based on the author's experience in the field of SEO which aims to make your Blog Post Title appear first and foremost on the search pages of well-known search engines, namely Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex. Here's the explanation

1. Research and Determine the Right and Right Title, Theme, and Topic

The main thing that must be considered is the selection of article titles. For beginner bloggers who have blogs or websites that are new or young, they should choose keywords or keywords that are low competitive but are widely sought after and have weight.

The method is quite easy, you just type in the title of the article you want on google and see the results, if the search results don't show what you typed, then the title has the potential to be No.1 on Google.

For example, I typed on Google "High School Logo 1 Baleendah" or "How to Make a Flying Mouse", If the results you want do not appear, then the title is suitable to be used as the title of the article so that your blog appears on the first page of Google.

If your article manages to be the first on Google, it is very useful for the future so that your blog's ranking increases in the eyes of search engines. And after the rating increases, the PV (Page Views) will also increase. With increasing page views, your blog's ranking on Alexa will continue to increase, the smaller the Alexa rank number, the better the quality of a website or blog.

If your blog ranks high, whatever you write will easily appear on the first page of Google because Google has trusted your site. That's the reason why big blogs or websites are always at the top of search results. To make it easier for you to find keywords that are hot, trending and much sought after by people, you can use a free tool from Google Adwords, namely Google Keyword Planner.

2. Write a complete and long article

The second thing is about content. Make your article as long and complete as possible (at least 400-500 words), but don't overdo it with keywords and avoid word repetition.

Some webmasters and Google also agree to say that "Content is King". If your article is useful and useful, chances are that readers will be happy to linger on your blog.

3. List for all Webmaster search console tools

The third thing that is quite important is the list of Google Webmasters, Bing Webmasters, and Yandex Webmasters. This is so that your blog or website is read and recognized automatically. With Webmaster tools, you can optimize your site.

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