Fish Pond Design Inspiration Behind The House

Fish ponds can be an option to beautify your residence, this pool can be placed in several parts of the house.

Then there are also recommendations for fish pond designs in front of the house which of course can beautify the exterior of the house.

In addition, there is also a fish pond design in the house, its presence can beautify the interior design of the dwelling.

Well, now is the time to discuss the fish pond behind the house, what are the best inspirations.

1. Fish Pond with Garden

Minimalist swimming pool garden behind the house, the pool is combined with a garden filled with beautiful tropical plants.

The design of the fish pond behind this house can be adjusted to the size of the yard or back porch.

2. Installing Natural Stone

Simple fish pond design that puts natural stone around the pond, the easiest option.

The fish pond behind the house with natural nuances does look beautiful, but you can choose other designs.

3. Forming a Concrete and Glass Pool

You can also make a wall aquarium like this by combining concrete with glass.

The choice of a minimalist pool is suitable if the backyard is narrow or the funds to create a pool are limited.

4. Adding Paths

You can add decorations in the form of a path to the fish pond behind the house to make it look more attractive.

The choice of a minimalist fish pond path in the yard can be natural stone, cast concrete, or other materials.

5. Small Pool

Do not hesitate if the back porch is small, you can make a fish pond behind the house like this.

How to make a pool like this is very easy, you can arrange natural rocks to make it look more natural.

6. Minimalist Square-Shaped Swimming Pool

A minimalist fish pond design behind a box-shaped house can be an option if you want something different.

All parts of the pond and garden are rectangular, which can be an alternative design.

7. Utilizing Used Goods

You can see that the fish pond behind this house uses used goods, buckets of scrap metal.

Maybe you have large used items that can be transformed into a minimalist fish pond.

8. Adding Decorations to the Pool

When designing a small fish pond on the terrace of the house, you can include decorations to beautify it.

One of the decoration options is a statue, the shape varies, choose one that fits the pool design.

9. Has a Waterfall

One feature that should not be forgotten in designing a minimalist fish pond behind the house is a waterfall.

Especially if you can design waterfalls and natural gardens so that the pool looks more attractive.

10. Simple Fish Pond

A simple fish pond design behind the house can be a minimalist koi pond choice.

The simple box shape may not be attractive, but this minimalist design can make it attractive.

Actually the design of a fish pond behind the house can be designed for a simple fish pond in front of the house or a small fish pond in front of the house.