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Easy Ways to Detect Google Articles Quickly

It is very difficult to create a blog article that appears on Google a few hours after the article is finished. Usually for a new blog a maximum of 1 month so that Google can detect new blogs more optimally.

How to Copy the URL of your blog, then paste it in Google Search. If it does not appear there will be a statement that your article could not be found.

Easy Ways to Detect Google Articles Quickly

Immediately I will provide a quick way to index blog articles by Google, based on my experiments.

1. Make sure the blog is registered on the Google search engine

Don't expect you to be able to find your article on Google if your blog is not listed in Google search. For new blogs, immediately register your blog to Google

2. Post your blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster

If you don't do this, you can be sure that your article will take a long time to be indexed, maybe about a week to get maximum results on search engines. The purpose of posting a sitemap on google is to speed up article detection without missing a single article.

3. Use the Auto Ping and Manual Ping facilities

Ping is a site that serves to invite search engine robots to crawl blogs. I usually do Manual

In Google ping you are required to fill in the blog name, blog URL and your email, then tick Check all to ping all search engines, write captcha and send Ping.

4. After the article is finished, provide a backlink from the PR 1 blog and above

Actually I'm not sure about this method, but according to circulating sources, backlinks also help so that our articles can appear faster.

5. Spice up articles with a little SEO

I think you also need to improve the quality of the article to make it more useful and the articles we write are not in vain. By applying the five methods above, you may be able to help optimize your blog. may be useful.

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