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8 Minimalist Bedroom Designs Size 3x4

A house does not always have to be big because a simple small house can also be a comfortable place to live for you and your family.

It's the same with the bedroom, because a comfortable bedroom doesn't always have to be large. You can create a comfortable minimalist 3x4 bedroom design without having to have a large room.

The bedroom is a very comfortable place to unwind and stress. You have to design the room well so that every day there is a beautiful view of the room and you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Small rooms are also easier to arrange and make as attractive as possible without having to bother filling an empty and too large room. So that you can get inspiration for a minimalist 3x4 bedroom design, this article will discuss:

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Surround a narrow room with a bedroom design

The room in each house has its own function. Every room needs to be made and designed as much as possible so that its contents can fit and do not make the atmosphere of the room more crowded. In fact, organizing and filling a small room is much easier than a room that is too large and large.

If you have a house that is too big, you may often feel confused about how to fill the room so it doesn't look too empty and boring. Small spaces can be easily filled and will automatically look fit and comfortable without any empty gaps that need to be filled. However, you must be smart to find the right furniture so that the room does not feel full.

Actually there are many ways you can use to get around a narrow room so it doesn't feel full and crowded as below:

Start first by organizing the contents of your room and getting rid of items that are no longer needed so that the room does not look crowded and full. Keep objects out of sight, to create the effect the room looks spacious and empty.

Arrange the furniture and position the mattress in your room properly. Furniture in the middle of the room will make the room too full. Also try to keep the mattress in the corner of the room so it doesn't take up space.

Take advantage of bright colors in the room.

Bright colors will make the room look wider because light will reflect throughout the room and create the illusion of the room being wider for your eyes.

Also use warm white lights so that the room can bring out warm colors in the eyes and can make the atmosphere inside feel more comfortable to live in.

So that the room does not look boring, don't forget to add one or two small decorations that match the appearance of the room.

To make the atmosphere of the room more shady, you can take advantage of small ornamental plants that can be placed easily on the table.

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