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5 Examples of Simple and Cheap Bathroom Designs

Are you looking for simple and inexpensive bathroom design inspiration?

The bathroom is one of the integral rooms in the house.

Organizing the contents can be quite challenging, especially in a small bathroom.

The design should be kept simple so as not to take up much space.

Well, there are several things that you should pay attention to to apply a simple and inexpensive bathroom design at home.

You can find these things in the discussion below.

Don't worry, we'll also provide pictures for inspiration!

1. White Bathroom

This first simple and inexpensive bathroom design is easiest to imitate at home.

You don't need a lot of bathroom furniture, just a few core items.

The furniture in question is a toilet, shower, and bath. Not many bathroom accessories and decorations.

As you can see in the bathroom image above, the room is only filled with a mirror and a few potted plants.

While the walls are covered with white ceramics.

This aims to reduce the level of humidity that usually occurs in cement walls.

2. Bathroom with Black Ceramic

The budget to build a bathroom is limited, but want to look luxurious?

The trick is to play with color palettes and choose the right house building materials.

In the example of a minimalist bathroom design above, the main material used is standard black ceramic.

Ceramics are used as wall cladding.

While the floor uses natural stone ceramics with geometric patterns.

This ceramic combination will make the bathroom look more luxurious, even though the toilet is still old school.

3. Pink Bathroom with Beautiful Mirror

A simple and inexpensive bathroom design then uses a mirror as the main decoration. The use of mirrors in the bathroom is nothing new.

In addition to being useful as a preening medium, mirrors are also used by designers to create the effect of a wider room.

Mirrors are able to reflect light, thus making the bathroom look bright.

The reflection of the room in the mirror reflection also seems to create the illusion of a spacious bathroom.

For bathroom furniture and decorations, you only need to prepare a sitting/squatting toilet, shower, bathtub, and wall shelves. Be careful in choosing colors.

Choose light and soft colors to bring out the natural and warm side.

4. The Simplest Bathroom

This bathroom design is the simplest. You can apply this concept to a narrow or wide bathroom.

The following bathroom looks beautiful thanks to the presence of mosaic-patterned tiles.

However, instead of blending mosaic tiles, the floor is mixed with plain white tiles.

This will reduce the overcrowded effect that tends to make the bathroom look fuller.

To make it look more beautiful, use a bath made of clay or natural stone.

5. Bathroom Wall Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are back in this simple and inexpensive bathroom design.

Now, its use is mounted on the bathroom wall and acts as an additional decorative accent.

The mosaic motif chosen is retro with a choice of beige, red, green, and white colors. These colors go well with the gray floor and walls.

There is one thing that is interesting about this bathroom, namely the storage of toiletries on the wall.

That way, you don't have to spend money to buy bathroom shelves.

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